Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does the product help with erections for individuals with type 2 diabetes?

Answer: Yes, individuals with type 2 diabetes can use Alpha Cactus product. 

Q: How many capsules are in one pack?

Answer: Each pack contains one capsule, designed to be taken 45-60 minutes before Intima--cy.

Q: How long does it take for the product to start working?

Answer: The product typically takes 45-60 minutes to start working, lasting up to 48 hours.

Q: Do you offer wholesale prices for bulk orders?

Answer: Yes, we offer wholesale prices for bulk orders. Please contact us at 702-444-6091 on WhatsApp for more information or email:

Q: How long does the product last in the body?

Answer: The effects of the product can last from two to five days.

Q: How many times a day should I take the product?

Answer: It is recommended to take one capsule of Alpha Cactus every 48 hours MAX. 

Q: How much is the price for Alpha Cactus? 

Answer: The pricing for Alpha Cactus varies based on the quantity you purchase. Here's a breakdown:

1 pack: $8.99
2 packs: $14.99
3 packs: $19.99
5 packs: $29.99
12 packs: $69.99
30 packs (whole box): $169.99
By subscribing, you'll save an additional 15% on each option. Buying in larger quantities offers better value, so consider how much you need.

Q: Does Your product with other products like Viagra? 

Answer: No need to take any other blue pills or Viagra. Alpha Cactus will do all the work. Many customers quit blue pills after using Alpha Cactus.

Q: How Can I cancel my Monthly Subscription? 

Answer: Just leave your first name or last name in chat or email us "" and we will take care of the rest. Also, we can make it every sixty days or skip next month. 

Q: How Do I track my order?

Answer: Check USPS website with your tracking Number.

Q: Should I take it with food or without food. 

Answer: It is better to take it with food. 

Q: What is your contact info?

Answer:  Our contact information is as follows:
Phone number? WhatsApp: 7024446091